Branding is
making a change

Specific projects

  • OCT

    Imaginatively portraying the future of the OCT brand

  • VTC

    Realigning brand purpose to sustain VTC brand leadership

  • IVE

    Reinventing the attribute and the personality of IVE

  • Pro-Act by VTC

    A new specialized service brand is raised in the name of VTC

  • Youth College

    Paving the path for the latent talented youth

  • YCDS

    Boldly expressing YCDS’s genuine personality

  • KVB

    Reached a milestone on the road of building a successful brand


    Taking the initiative of brand reintegration and specialization

  • China Resources

    Transforming into a people-centric brand

  • Mabelle — Brand Refresh

    Coming soon

  • City of Dreams — Entertainment Branding

    Coming soon

  • Takson — Brand Refresh

    Coming soon

  • Soliva — Food Branding

    Coming soon

  • Chateau Star River — Hotel Branding

    Coming soon

  • Hong Kong Disneyland — Destination Branding

    Coming soon