Youth College

Paving the path for the latent talented youth

Youth College as a learning institute particularly for the youth, their mission is very clear to provide an alternative study opportunity for those who might not well fit the typical education system of Hong Kong. Unfortunately, the purpose, the role and the image of Youth College were not sufficiently perceived by our community. In addition, that awkward situation was also happened within the VTC (Vocational Training Council) family, even though Youth College is one of their significant member.

After a fruitful brand workshop together with the top management of VTC and Youth College, we had worked out a cohesive brand strategy for them. Our challenge was to reinvigorate the brand personality of Youth College in order to increase public awareness on issues of their uniqueness, and to elevate their brand value ultimately.

A revolutionary approach was all agreed eventually among the team, their brand focus should more concentrate on the youth than before, and hence the brand refreshing concept for Youth College has reflected accordingly on their new brand tagline — Your Path Your Future. In fact, their new brand identity and system were also inspired by it. More importantly, in the meantime a map concept brand book, and the brand guideline were created for all the Youth College’s members and their companions, these are indeed the essential brand building mediums, especially for such ambitious change.


Design partner: Brand Union (Hong Kong)

Youth College

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