Boldly expressing YCDS’s genuine personality

Dream and Strength are two new brand attributes of YCDS, which is a career development service for local youths, leaded by Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service (Hong Kong). We have helped them to sharpen their brand personality in order to obtain a more appropriate and approachable image to reconnect with their target customers.

To rebuild the relevant brand recognition, a striking identity and a new set of brand visual system have been introduced to YCDS. Indeed, we were inspired by some graffiti located in Soho area of Central, their energetic forms and designs perfectly reflected the character of the brand, in a way of self-actualization.

To a certain extent, this versatile brand identity system is a significant turning point of YCDS, so as to earnestly refocus their brand building goal, and at the same time staying true to themselves.


Brand Concept/  Brand Identity/  Brand Visual System and Design Application