Realigning brand purpose to sustain VTC brand leadership

2007 was a decisive turning point of VTC, in the past 25 years they had earned a good reputation in the area of vocational training within the region, but unfortunately either their “2nd choice” or “non-mainstream” brand perceptions have been simultaneously rooted in the society from then on.

A new perspective was needed to bring VTC brand to life, but most importantly was to realign their brand purpose, and together with a revolutionary concept — Transformation, to drive a change in how society views the true value of VTC. By focusing more efforts on the students, the brand strategy and the entire brand visual system were reconceived to coherently reflect VTC’s unique brand personality.

The spectral colours refracted by a glass prism had inspired us to design a set of brand identity, supporting graphics, and a nifty application system for the new VTC brand. In addition, we also helped to build a pithy brand architecture accompanied by a corresponding brand endorsement system for them, so as to better integrate their member institutions into a one big VTC family.

A new aspiring tagline “Opportunity • Action • Success” has especially created for the new VTC brand to reaffirm their persistent brand purpose, and ultimately reinforce their brand positioning in order to sustain their brand leadership.


Design partner: Brand Union (Hong Kong)


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