VTC Skilling Event Trio 2020

Living up the brand promise, always

As a one of the most active experienced practitioner in vocational training around the globe, VTC was planned to relive the success of the former skilling event trio in the summer of 2020, with their strategic partners and greatly supported by Education Bureau. We were invited to come up with an overarching concept for the brand of trio in spring last year. This encompassed branding design, system and the application, which accompanied by a custom created core message specially for 2020 the year of skilling.

The trio, comprises of VPET (Vocational and Professional Education and Training International Conference), WHKC (Worldskills Hong Kong Competition and Carnival) and STEM (International Stem Students’ Forum), were a strong interplay between learning and practice that reflected the essence of skilling, as well as the brand promise of VTC. Through the events’ contrasting functions, VTC is also on a mission to inspire the public by the embodiments of vocational training, which entail bringing together a diverse range of activities in the trio to create a notion of what skilling means of today. As a matter of fact, high learning competency is far more vital than high academic level to a great extent, in other words, skills really matter to everyone, especially the youngsters. Hence this thinking ethos distilled the core message for the trio — Skills Matter, along with the distinctive punchlines for three events respectively.

The implication of a constantly evolving kaleidocycle perfectly portrayed the idea of learning-practice loop, which then transformed into an overarching graphics for the trio (the central theme), also, its derivations — three key visuals, for VPET, WHKC and STEM. In addition, to reflect the personality of these events, a series of patterns were created, curve radiating lines signify resonance for VPET, straight interweaving lines signify contexture for WHKC, and the grid of dots signify pervasion for STEM. On the other hand, for brand coherence, overall visual expression is saturated with VTC’s brand elements like vibrant colours, and particularly the smart and inviting talent (proposed images with specific appearances and postures), which truly represent the brand image of VTC.

The launch of the trio was changed to online as a response to social activity closures during COVID-19, which also affected the primary plans of the three events. Rather unfortunately, the whole WHKC (Worldskills Hong Kong Competition and Carnival) was called off. In this challenging period, our entire branding design for the trio got suspended in some ways, despite we have completed all the creative development. Nevertheless, we are so happy to see VPET and STEM have gone online successfully in the mid of May, which were indeed a terrific example to demonstrate an alternative way of skill learning. We believe, after all, VTC will make a positive impact in the industry even though this difficult time.

VTC Skilling Event Trio 2020

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