Pro-Act by VTC

A new specialized service brand is raised in the name of VTC

It was a strategic brand development for VTC to achieve their next ambition in the area of vocational training, as they are always thinking ahead to accomplish their mission in order to provide a better solution for the individuals and the industries.

Training and development are the core commitments of VTC group, most of their specialized centres are well developed, and gained lots of valuable experiences and perspectives, which are their significant resources and yet their great brand equities. VTC consequently decided to maximize their brand value by united their centres to turn them into a new specialized brand, Pro-Act by VTC. By the new geometric brand identity with a more straightforward naming system, the confusion over the communication in the past has mostly avoided. In fact, the consistency of the new centre logo lockups are also helped to increase the entire brand recognition of Pro-Act by VTC. And besides, each centre has their own distinctive pattern and colour to distinguish between the centres, while they are utilizing the same brand identity system and the brand elements.

This proactive move has led VTC group to the way of building a new remarkable education brand within the region, and hence to have a more complete mastery of vocational training. In addition, to reflect the brand uniqueness of Pro-Act by VTC, the centres joined forces to optimize their specialized services not only for the community, but also for other VTC’s members.


Design partner: Brand Union (Hong Kong)

Pro-Act by VTC

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