Imaginatively portraying the future of the OCT brand

1985 – 2005 was a pioneering stage of OCT, also an important growing and learning period of the entire organization — the first cultural company in China. In spite of the difficulties during the eighties and early nineties, they have been working so hard to practise their purpose for many years to provide quality living for Chinese people. There is no doubt about their determination and persistence.

However, to sharply reflect such great practices of OCT in the future, a new angle is required to refresh its brand. In late 2005, they set sail for a dramatically new passage of their brand journey, a revolutionary branding concept was carried through with a corresponding brand strategy. And besides, a coherent brand positioning — Imaginators for Providing Quality Living, was created as a big concept in order to maximize the essence and uniqueness of the new OCT brand, also, to better express its brand personality — People-oriented, Creative, Determined and Excellence.

On the other hand, we have helped to ideate a unifying brand visual system throughout the entire brand applications and communications, the core idea — Infinite Imagination, along with the infinity imagery have been designed to enhance the new concept of the OCT brand, in fact, their new brand identity was inspired by it. Furthermore, a lean brand architecture has accordingly been formulated, which is a more agile system for the future development of the new OCT brand.

Nowadays, the new OCT brand has been stretched across many major cities in China, even far to Xinjiang. Actually, they are one of the leading and most influential brand among the industry, also a great potential China brand within Southeast Asia.


Design partner: Enterprise IG (Hong Kong)


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