Being a happy diamond brand

MaBelle was founded in 1993 in Hong Kong, they came through the first decade of the trailblazing development of diamond retailer, and then in 2003, they repositioned their business strategy and simultaneously turned their branding direction, to put the customer at the very centre of everything they were doing. In a sense, selling diamonds were no longer their core business ever since.

Instead of trying hard to be a number one diamond brand, MaBelle would rather be a different one, they were keen to transform the business in line with the highest need of the customer — happiness. As such, a brand refresh was carried out to tell a new story of MaBelle and unfold the significant change they were undergoing. In spite of the current marketing message “Ma Belle is Diamond” had reflected their brand attitude ostensibly, however, it did not create any extra or meaningful value to the brand, not to mention the fact that diamond is not just MaBelle.

To circumvent the overcrowded jewellery market, MaBelle was consciously crafting a cohesive brand experience, and they aimed to stand apart from a sea of uniform diamond brands by creating a moment of simple happiness to the customer. Based on a new brand positioning — Happy Diamond, we created a complete set of brand identity accompanied by some major design applications in order to bring to life an idea of the brand experience design whilst portraying MaBelle’s new brand personality, which is also a promise in a way that is authentic, differentiated and relevant to the customer.

The refreshed brand helps MaBelle transition from a diamond retailer focused on merchandise to one focused on people. From a future-proof point of view, this is indeed an authentic brand purpose which makes MaBelle a real difference diamond brand among the industry. Now, “MaBelle is diamond” is not just a tagline but also a brand vision which they truly believed in.


Design partner: Enterprise IG (Hong Kong)


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