A Chinese healthcare brand can be stylish and beloved

A new health brand established by Shenzhen Wealthwin Trading Company Limited in 2014. With over 20 years’ experience in helping many other well-known brands to develop their sale and marketing practices, Wealthwin decided to create an own brand in order to catch up with the trend in health-conscious, especially in China market.

At that time, it was a challenging task for Wealthwin, so different from their current business abilities, it seemed as if a change from OEM to OBM, which required initiative and creativity, that is to say a totally new mindset. But they were nevertheless created Kooday by their ambitious vision and strong belief in the new health business. The new brand name Kooday was in line with our brand strategy and positioning for their new business — an international innovative and stylish healthcare brand.

Kooday is a composite word, inspired by a slang “good day”, which has a symbolic meaning of greeting and a sense of optimism, and perfectly coherent with the entire branding design concept, the connectivity.

Manuka honey from New Zealand, and noni juicy from Fiji were the 2 introductory natural products of Kooday. According to their business strategy in the coming years, there are much more brand building projects in their brand development blueprint, a new adventure has just begun.


Design partner: TMN


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