Reinventing the attribute and the personality of IVE

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) is the most successful and renowned member institution among VTC group. After almost a decade development since they were established in 1999, IVE decided to shift their brand strategy from the “campus-led” model to “discipline-led”, this significant move has provided a good opportunity for us to review their current brand structure, and ultimately reinvent IVE.

We took up this great challenge to rebuild IVE’s information hierarchy of the brand communication in order to reinvigorate their brand personality, and to bring it to life through a relevant and agile brand visual system. However, the new system has to coordinate with the entire VTC brand endorsement system, as a result, a set of two design systems — Cohesion and Interaction were created for IVE, and they are specifically for corporate and marketing communication respectively. In addition, each discipline has their own designated colour, along with the new information hierarchy, they can now be able to better express themselves and communicate more effectively.

The new look of IVE has not only reinforced their unique brand image, but also truly revealed their incomparable brand value to the public, and at the same time among VTC’s member institutions.


Design partner: Brand Union (Hong Kong)


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