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Redirecting the stamp to play the role of a brand ambassador

We were invited by Hongkong Post last year 2016 near Christmas to design the Year of the Dog 2018 stamp collection. The project brief was a bit rigid in terms of the design requirements. Basically, to consistent with the previous six design collections, and to extend the main theme of the entire series — artefacts.

This collection is the seventh in Hongkong Post’s fourth Chinese zodiac special stamp series, after completed our elementary studies for the project and considered all the criteria deliberately, we have proposed three preliminary concepts for it. But above all else, we have also asked ourselves one big question, now what a stamp could be? We thought the stamp should get in on the act, to play the role of a brand ambassador for Hongkong Post, proactively and purposefully connect them with Hong Kong society at large or even the world in order to revitalize the brand of Hongkong Post.

Well, the creative outcomes we proposed have truly delineated our unequivocal motive behind the project, those are go beyond the scope of Hongkong Post’s original project brief, particularly in the latter two concepts. In fact, we have found out that the preceding selection of the artefacts were too Chinese oriented, lack of local attributes and spirit. Also, to better reflect the openness of Hong Kong, we have to broaden our vision and direction, engage the world and keep pace with it.

In spite of our concepts have not only demonstrated a better practice of the project, and projected the possibility of the future development, unfortunately they stayed in the proposal stage. We are nevertheless believing the connectivity is indeed the essence of the project.

Hongkong Post

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