HomeLife Zhongshan

Helping Zhongshan evolve into a more lifeable city

It was a bright ambition, our objective was to determine the unique opportunities to strengthen Zhongshan’s competitiveness among the region, and elevate their cohesive power, city image and reputation. On our strategic and design proposal, we have explored the possibilities of Bridging, both internally and externally. Internal Bridging suggested the connection between the Zhongshan government, the towns, the industries and their people, while the external Bridging concerned Zhongshan’s connection with other entities, the rest of the nation or even the world.

Bridging has the common meaning of cohering, networking, bonding, connecting, linking and engaging. But in our case, Bridging was an invigorating engagement programme for Zhongshan people and the city with the help of their industries, we have accordingly named it HomeLife Zhongshan. In fact, our concept was all about home and people life in Zhongshan. However, the word “Home” is not only represents a home, a house or a family, it also represents Zhongshan is a biggest home of their people, their towns and their industries. The lead thought of our concept was to demonstrate how Zhongshan connected to every aspect of living, linked with every home’s slice-of-life, and expressed the values their people believed in.

The design behind the brand identity of HomeLife Zhongshan is actually a bowl of soup, we believe it can symbolize the homey feeling and it is also a container that can contain many things, even filled with a bliss life, a design life, a nature life, etc. In addition, the secondary graphics came from an idea of the ripples in the soup with how it blended. Yellow was chosen as a brand colour, inspired by Zhongshan city flower — chrysanthemum.

We have then created a flexible but coherent branding design system in order to better facilitate the brand communication throughout the entire HomeLife Zhongshan engagement programme, and the concept was well demonstrated across the whole user journey by some significant design applications.


Design partners: Jess and Jin

HomeLife Zhongshan

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