Headland Capital Partners

Shaping up by an ingenious branding design system

HSBC Private Equity (Asia) Limited renamed its entity name to Headland Capital Partners in fall 2010, as an individual brand new firm, gradually detached its apparent brand relationship with HSBC. We helped them to name their Chinese firm name, and to design a new brand identity and system, in order to express their business ambition.

A simple but significant design solution was proposed to the management team of Headland Capital Partners, we reinterpreted the triangle within HSBC icon with a new implication to illustrate the core idea of the Headland Capital Partners brand, the well-crafted English and Chinese logotypes genuinely delivered its brand attribute. Even though they have spun off from HSBC into a new firm, but we valued their business heritage, hence the red is the primary brand colour of Headland Capital Partners.

In addition, a supportive brand identity system was created to essentially enrich its brand personality and to efficaciously increase its brand extensibility.


Design partner: Brand Union (Hong Kong)

Headland Capital Partners

Brand Concept/  Brand Identity/  Brand Visual System and Design Application