Sharing the secret of being forever young

Versatile is one of the brand attribute of Eacy, among some of their ambitious ideas in the preliminary stage of product development, the first series was to create the sophisticated playthings for kidults, a very special group of customers. Design and craftsmanship are the two principled drives which leading them to transform the ordinary objects into the exceptional products.

Eacy’s creations are simple and well devised, the materials they used are also sensibly picked. The brand name Eacy is genuinely reflecting their brand spirit, they believed that everyone needs to play and keeps their heart and mind young, no matter how old you are.

EacyTOP is the primary product range under their first plaything series, three prototypes were made during their brand development since 2011. We designed their brand identity, packaging, and assisted them to express their brand concept, in order to convey their brand vision and deliver their distinctive brand values.


Design partner: Chao


Brand Concept/  Brand Identity/  Product Design/  Packaging