Taking the initiative of brand reintegration and specialization

It was really an ambition to repositioning COFCO from “what we do” to “who we are” — An Enabler of the Nature. Regardless of any uncertain circumstances, change is always a better way to take on new challenges. Less diversity but more specialized was the lead thought of COFCO’s over-arching strategy correspondingly, as well as a comprehensive branding design.

As a state-owned foodstuffs and agricultural commodities trading company, COFCO needed to refocus and reintegrate their businesses to avoid become a bloated clumsy enterprise. However, to signify and express this imperative shift, a big concept — Sky-Earth-Life was introduced. In fact, COFCO’s revolutionary brand identity was inspired by this new direction, and along with their new brand visual system. Eventually, the rebranding is more than a symbol of change, it is indeed an opportunity to reconnect COFCO with the market, and to regain the recognition of the world.

In addition, COFCO’s new brand tagline “Nature Shows Us the Way” has reflected their intrinsic character, portrayed their brand personality, and highlighted their brand mission. Also, a monolithic brand architecture was created to strengthen the entire new COFCO brand family, so in a nutshell they have revealed their ambitious journey since 2006, COFCO is on their way to become one of the most valuable international China brand.


Design partner: Enterprise IG (Hong Kong)


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