China Resources

Transforming into a people-centric brand

One of the China legacy import-export company, China Resources ushered in the new era of people-centric economy, however, their previous identity looked a bit archaic. There was a mismatch between their business and brand, especially the inherently complex logomark, which was too elaborate and old-school as time marched on.

Our task was not only enlivened their brand signifier, but indeed more focused on the reassertion of China Resources’ business mission in order to reinstate their brand spirit. Three design directions had been rolled out based on a pragmatic branding strategy, the primary goal was to modernize their existing identity, it was fairly faithful to the original one. Nevertheless, to ensure the second concept is more relevant to China Resources’ brand vision — Better Life Together, the next challenge was to unearth a further coherent design solution. This evolutionary approach had led to the extensive logotype exploration, particularly shook off their intricate monogram “CRC”. In addition to that, we had blazed a trail for the new direction — Togetherness, two highly emblematic icons alongside the bespoke logotype and brand tagline were created.

Encompassing people’s lives to the full has become a brand promise of China Resources since they were founded in Hong Kong in 1948, the ultimate creative has to reinforce their company’s belief, in fact, it was not an arduous process but an inspiration in a way. There was a prominent idea from previous exploration of the logotypes, an ancient Chinese calligraphy — “huá” by Yan Zhenqing from the Tang dynasty had inspired us to think of the revolutionary design direction. This radical new brand identity truly signifies the quintessence of China Resources, eventually it has been adopted and gained impetus to a wide variety of branding projects afterwards, and furthermore it also turned into the cornerstone of the entire new brand visual system.


Design partner: Enterprise IG (Hong Kong)

China Resources

Brand Concept/  Brand Identity