Takson brand book

A brand book sometime could be very difficult in terms of attribute, especially its functionality. One of the major misunderstanding is to see it as an ending of the branding exercise. On one hand, a brand book is important as we all know it is a spirit book of an organization, but on the other hand, it is not imperative when it compare with the day-to-day operations of a company, particular business matters, that is totally excusable. However, a brand is a promise, it needs a lot of perseverance to build time after time. Unfortunately, a brand book is just a book if there is nothing to follow through with it.

Our biggest challenge was not only design a book for the brand, but to retain the branding momentum for Takson through a book, and at the same time to calibrate the branding focus in order to reframe their brand promise, also, to keep pace with their business development.

We accordingly designed a dual cover book to tell one story with two different aspects, the principles and practice of their branding. The purpose behind the concept is to create a simple but significant brand book, not merely reflects Takson’s brand vision, values and its personality, but a more inviting and welcoming guide for the audiences who are participated in building a successful brand. As a result, an image driven design approach was adopted as well as a storytelling style of copywriting.


Copywriter: Spancer
Photographer: Mjay

Takson brand book

29 January 2018